About Hand Carved Graphics

Hand Carved Graphics is a two-person design firm comprised of friends Mark Kearns and Michael Buchmiller. After more than a decade of working together, the two collaborate seamlessly to bring their clients' projects to life.

They got their start in 2001 doing concert posters for the music industry, but today the two handle everything from custom website development and corporate identity to print design.

Their work has been on display at the Museum of Design in Atlanta, Roque La Rue in Seattle, and various shows in Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, Omaha, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City.

Numerous books, magazines, and media outlets have featured their work as well, including The Art of Modern Rock, Swag 2: Rock Posters of the '90s and Beyond, Electric Frankenstein! High Energy Punk Rock 'n' Roll Poster Art, Framed: The Poster Art of Murder By Death, It's Only Rock & Roll But I Like It: More Real Rock Art for Real Rock Bands, Panda Meat, Beeswax Magazine, Paste Magazine, San Diego CityBeat, and Fuse TV.

About Michael Buchmiller

In 1996, Michael started an underground music magazine with the intent of becoming a writer. Along the way, he was forced to learn graphic design to lay out the magazine and enjoyed that much more. Leveraging his existing music industry relationships, he started working for bands by designing concert posters, t-shirts, and album art. Then he teamed up with his friend Mark and the rest is history.

He has a B.A. in English from San Diego State University and A.A.s in Liberal Arts, English, and Graphic Communication from various San Diego community colleges.

To this point in his life, he's been editor of a music magazine, directed a television show, been the music director at a radio station, started a clothing company, toured the country with a band, been threatened by the estate of Louis Prima, had his artwork in galleries and museums, been interviewed on Canadian radio about his views on the Smurfs, garnered a cult following for a robot-fronted band he performs in, taught college classes, been taught as the subject of college classes, read his fiction with a poet laureate, been the department head of toys at a drug store, and designed a car for Chrysler. In the future, he would like to add to that list.

Favorite stuff: Smoking Popes, Rocket From the Crypt, the Flaming Lips, Talking Heads, Neil Diamond, Quintron, Les Baxter, Forbidden Planet, Idiocracy, A Boy and His Dog, Zardoz, the Jerk, This is Spinal Tap, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Kaufman, Claes Oldenburg, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons, Kurt Vonnegut, Adam West's Batman, John Hodgman, and so on.

About Mark Kearns

Within his first year at college in Illinois in a computer science major, Mark decided that he couldn't code bank software for the rest of this life. As college went on, Mark started combining his interest and experience in graphic design with his computer programming education and began leaning towards a career in multimedia art. In the middle of all that, Mark was asked by his high school friend, Mike Buchmiller, to help put together Hand Carved Magazine, a publication focusing on independent, underground music. And thus began a beautiful partnership.

Once out of college, Mark began playing around with HTML, Perl, JavaScript, Flash, Shockwave, and all the new web technologies. Picking up small clients here and there as a freelance artist and working as a full time graphic designer at a Chicago software company, he honed his skills in web design and multimedia programming. Mark's first major solo project came in 2002 with the design, programming, implementation, and maintenance of a website for a popular Chicago band, Then Again. A few months later, Pleasing Betty's website, another Chicago band, was unleashed on their fans.

Mark again joined forces with Mr. Buchmiller by becoming a part of Hand Carved Graphics, adding his web design and multimedia programming experience to the mix. In his spare time, Mark likes to reminisce about the days when he had more free time. And when he's not doing that, you can find him going to concerts, watching The Simpsons or AdultSwim, and throwing cookout parties.